Our San Bernardino DUI program is certified by the State and approved by the County of San Bernardino to provide alcohol and drug education and prevention services to individuals convicted of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or mandated by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to complete a DUI program in order to reinstate driving privileges. The program helps improve public health and safety on the highways by reducing the incidence of alcohol and drug abuse while operating a motor vehicle.

Our courses teach participants about the effects of alcohol and other drugs and their impact on the individual, family and community. Participants are guided toward appropriate and permanent lifestyle changes to prevent further DUI offenses and other negative effects caused by the abuse of alcohol or other drugs.

Program Services

Our San Bernardino DUI program offers the following:

  • First and multiple offender DUI courses
  • Wet and reckless courses
  • An educational component for underage drinkers

We also provide electronic submission of proof of enrollment and completion to DMV which allows our participants to immediately request reinstatement of their driver’s license.

Eligibility Requirements

We serve individuals arrested and/ or convicted of a driving under the influence charge in the state of California who are mandated by the courts or DMV to enroll, attend and complete a state approved DUI program.


San Bernardino DUI program is included on the list of all State Certified DUI Programs in California. We accept referrals from community based programs, 211 phone lines, and self-referrals from any individual seeking our services.

More Information

For more information about San Bernardino DUI Program, please call (909) 881-1570.

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