PRIDE (Probationers Recovering through Intervention and Drug Education) is a partnership between TURN Behavioral Health Services and San Bernardino’s Probation Department. We provide outpatient treatment for individuals who have a history of drug/alcohol addiction and criminal activity. Our treatment includes group therapy, individual sessions, required attendance of three self-help or 12 Step meetings weekly, and regular court appearances to be determine by probation officers.

Program Services

Our group services include skill building in areas such as:

  • Relapse prevention
  • Socialization
  • Family education
  • Early intervention

Our individual sessions include:

  • Intake and assessment
  • Crisis intervention
  • Treatment planning

Eligibility Requirements

PRIDE provides treatment services to individuals who have been convicted of a crime that can be linked to substance abuse. At PRIDE we recognize that many people have individual needs, which may include coping with co-occurring disorders. Our services are aimed at meeting the treatment needs of all those referred to our program through probation.

Case management services are provided for mental health, education and employment needs. Community agencies also provide quarterly onsite HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C education, screening and referral.


All our referrals come from San Bernardino’s Probation Department with pregnant women and IV drug users receiving priority treatment. Referrals from probation are presumed to have a history of drug abuse.

More Information

For more information about PRIDE, please call (909) 386-0523.

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